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The best diluents to use for constituting your growth hormone, pregnal or peptides are bacteriostatic water. In most countries bacteriostatic water is only available with a prescription. In third world countries (like most countries in Africa and South America) bacetriostatic water is not available from the pharmacies at all and the only thing available is normal water for injection.


Further Details

Bacterostatic water is sterile, has a specific pH level and contains a specific amount of benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative, is in a specially formulated polyolefin vial to maintain it integrity and sterility, and has no adulterants that may damage/breakdown what you are reconstituting or cause a deep tissue infection when injected. It's what you have to use for IM and subcutaneous injections and reconstituting peptides or growth hormone.

Normal water for injection will also work as a diluent for your growth and peptides but the injection is much more painful than bacteriostatic water and the active ingredient downgrade in normal water for injection is much faster than bacteriostatic water. Normal water for injection will keep your growth hormone or peptide active for only 24 hours where as bacteriostatic water will only start downgrading after 14 days. Bacteriostatic water is also much less painful to inject than water for injection.

When spending your good earned money on growth hormone or peptides it makes more sense to use bacteriostatic water with it to get the most bang out of your buck than to use normal water for injection. In some countries like South Africa and some South American countries bacteriostatic water is just very hard to find.