R 350.00


Androgenic 200-300

Anabolic       1000

Standand   methyltestosterone(oral)

Active-Life: About 24 Hours

Drug Class: Androgenic/Anabolic Steroid (For injection)

Average Dosage: Men: 100-300-mg weekly;

Acne: Yes

Water Retention: Low to None

High Blood Pressure: Rarely

Liver Toxic: Yes,

highly toxic to kidneys also

Aromatization: None

DHT Conversion: None

Decreases HPTA function: SEVERE

Methyldienolone (MD) is a synthetic oral anabolic steroid that was researched in the 1960's but never sold as a prescription drug. It is fundamentally a nandrolone-based compound, modified from this base hormone in two ways. First, it has been c-17alpha-alkylated (methylated) to protect against hepatic breakdown. This alteration, in of itself, turns the mild-mannered nandrolone into the formidable oral agent methylnandrolone. Next, it has been given a second double-bond at the 9 position, which considerably increases its anabolic and androgenic potency. Methyldienolone actually differs from methyltrienolone, the most potent steroid profiled in this book, only by the lack of a third double-bond (hence the "di" part). Although not actually #2 in the book, methyldienolone is 5 times more potent than Dianabol, 10 times more potent than methyltestosterone, and 13 times more potent than Primobolan®.

Other characteristics of note include an inability to be converted into estrogen, which limits this steroid's potential for related side effects like fat gain, water retention, and gynecomastia. This trait makes it a drug more ideally suited for cutting cycles than bulking ones. However, as a nandrolone based compound, it may have some progestational activity, which can work to intensify the effects of estrogen. Therefore, it may not be the ideal steroid to use with other aromatizable (estrogen producing) compounds, if fat loss and muscle definition are key concerns. Methyldienolone is also only moderately androgenic, with just a modest propensity to trigger oily skin and acne when used in reasonable dosages. Overall, this agent is classified as an "anabolic" and should fall somewhere between the milder nandrolone derivatives and more androgenic orals like Dianabol and Anadrol.

Effective oral daily doses are going to fall in the range of 2-1 Omg per day for men, and under 1 mg daily for women. At this level, one should expect measurable strength and lean tissue gains, which should be accompanied by decent fat loss and minimal side effects. When determining dosage one also needs to respect the fact that methyldienolone is a c-17alpha-alkylated COMPOUND AND presents some liver toxicity to its user. For optimal safety it is usually recommended to limit drug duration to no longer than 8 weeks, after which a break is taken from all methylated or ethylated steroids. One might also want to avoid stacking this drug with other liver toxic orals, and instead opt to use an injectable base instead. 5mg per day of methyldienolone combined with 400mg weekly of testosterone cypionate/enanthate or Equipoise® would make an excellent lean-mass stack, while trenbolone (225mg) or Primobolan® (300-400mg) could be used instead for cutting.

Availability of methyldienolone is going to be limited over the next couple of years, due to the recent scheduling of this agent as a class III controlled substance.This agent was manufactured as a nutritional supplement for a brief period of time before the 2004 amendment to the anabolic steroid act was passed, which means there should be a fair amount of leftover supplement available as people take advantage of its increasing value and sell off their pre-ban "stockpiles" The long-term future of this agent remains uncertain, however, as no legitimate drug company has yet to take an interest in it. It is unfortunate to think that this drug may no longer be available in a couple of years.This is a very powerful agent though, and may very well peak the interest of some of the companies looking for a "different" oral to sell. That is, of course, if the consumer market can get over the fact that this drug was once "legal" Although sold openly for a while, MD is indeed still one very powerful, and one very real, steroid.

Metribolone is the trade name for the drug Methyltrienolone, which is the most potent AAS produced. It is actually an orally active form of Trenbolone chemically altered into a 17-alkylated compound. Obviously, this means serious liver toxicity. In fact, even at microgram dosages, (1milligram = 1,000 micrograms) it is 15-20 times more toxic than Anadrol-50. That is toxic! Though orally active this AAS is provided in vials and meant for injection use only. But in truth, Metribolone is about 40-50 times more androgenic than Methyltestosterone, so a little goes a long way. The drug is fairly resistant to DHT conversion but does bind easily to scalp and prostate androgen receptor sites.

In clinical research, Metribolone is used to determine receptor-site affinity / displacement. Let me explain that. Metribolone is a very powerful androgen receptor-site stimulator and antagonist. I doubt there is any AAS more powerful. Since it binds so strongly to the receptor-site, researchers use the drug to see if other drugs can dislocate it, or for comparison. Not even Deca can kick it out of receptor-sites!

Metribolone is highly resistant to binding proteins such as SHBG. This means it remains highly active in the blood. If you recall, about 97-99% of our testosterone is in a "bound" state and only the remaining 1-3% is active or free. Only free or active androgens can fit into receptor-sites and trigger the anabolic mechanism. Some AAS are more resistant to these binding proteins than others. And Metribolone is the most resistant of all. Like I said, a little goes a long way. As example consider this for a moment. If all other factors of potency were equal, 1mg of unbound/free Metribolone would have the same activity as 97-100mg of testosterone due to the effects of binding proteins.